Cable Supply & Repair Services

Cable Supply & Repair Services



JTMEC’s cable division was founded in 2011 and has been successfully operating across Australia, providing quality services and products to our clients.

JTMEC has cable repair facilities that are conveniently located close to major mining operations and metropolitan areas on the east and west coasts of Australia.   

We are also one of the few company’s in Australia to hold a licence for repairing flexible reeling, feeder or trailing cables (Licence No. MLA 140986).  We hold all our cable facilities to this standard, ensuring we provide quality services to our clients.

Our cables business also operates under our ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation.  This gives us the best platform to provide quality cable supply and repair services to our clients.

We also believe that we are building a reputation for being one of the most price competitive providers in the market while continuing to exceed expectations on deadlines and delivery of quality cable supply and repair services.

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Our Goal

Our aim is to be the leading provider of cable supplies and repair services in Australia.  

We aim to continue to provide the best turn around of repairs in the market while continuing to provide quality products at competitive rates. 

We will work with you to test, repair and return your cable back to your site within a guaranteed time frame. Our aim is to exceed your expectations.

Our inspection and testing is conducted in accordance with the requirements of our cable repair license and in accordance with Australian New Zealand Standard 1747.

  • Our employees have a wealth of experience in repairing cables to the highest standard.
  • We provide repairs for trailing and high voltage cables.

No matter where you are located we can provide cable repair services to you

Our Market

We operate nationally, providing a wide range of cable supply and repair services to a number of sectors and industries, including:

  • Supply and repair of Trailing Cables
  • Supply and repair of High Voltage Cables
  • Major Construction Tunnel Projects
  • Coal and Hard Rock Mining Industries

Supply of Trailing Cables

Trailing cables are designed to be moved with the mobile equipment. JTMEC can supply trailing cables in any size you require.

  • All our cables meet the requirements of AS 1747 and comply with our cable licence requirements.
  • We guarantee the quality of our services and aim to meet your deadlines.
  • We also have Back to Back connections available for sale.
  • JTMEC can also provide plugged trailing cables (Type 209.1, 241.1 and 275.1) for hire if required.

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Supply of High Voltage Cables

JTMEC are also specialists in providing high voltage cables.

  • We comply to all relevant standards and can provide HT Feeder cables including paper lead, XLPE and flexible armoured cables.
  • We can provide either plugged or unplugged cables depending on your requirements.

Cable Repair

We combine world class cable repair facilities with world class talent to provide you with quality cable repair services.

We understand that our clients operate in time critical environments and aim to meet your expectations for the repair and return of your cables.

Our cable repairs are undertaken to the same exacting standards Australia-wide, with our repairs being made in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Our cable repairs licence – MLA 140986
  • Our ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation
  • Australian Standards – AS 1747

We also have hire cables available for situations where our clients might need support to keep their operations running.